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Curel® Moisturizers

Curel® moisturizers are designed to lock in moisture for all-day hydration, not only relieving irritated and dry skin instantly, but also helping to replenish the skin by forming a protective barrier and keeping future irritants out.

Foot Therapy Cream

Foot Therapy Cream for dry, cracked feet
Penetrates deeply to noticeably smooth dry, cracked feet in just 2 nights.

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Itch Defense® Lotion

Itch Defense® Lotion for Dry, Itchy Skin
Formulated to relieve dry, itchy skin instantly, this fragrance-free formula helps relieve symptoms of eczema in both adults and children 6 months and up. It even received the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance.

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Extreme Care® Lotion

Extreme Care® Lotion for Extra Dry Skin
Ideal for severely dry skin, this non-greasy formula is clinically proven to relieve extra-dry skin and help prevent dry skin from recurring.

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Fragrance Free Lotion

Fragrance Free Lotion for Dry Skin
Now featuring time-released moisturizers, this fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic lotion hydrates and relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin all day long.

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