By the Curel® Skincare Experts

Ceramides Ceramides are lipids naturally found in your skin’s vulnerable outer layer and their role is to help the skin retain moisture, so it stays hydrated and healthy. Learn more about them and how Curel® lotions moisture-rich formulas provide long term relief from dryness and skin sensitivity.


Dry Skin

Dry Skin Dry skin is generally a result of reduced water content in skin’s outermost layer. Learn more on the symptoms and treatments for dry skin.


Itchy Skin
Relief for All Ages

National Easeeczema Association Curel® Itch Defense® Skin Balancing Lotion is gentle enough for even the most aggravated skin — including children’s. Its effectiveness for both children and adults has been proven in clinical test after test.


By the Curel® Skincare Experts

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Glossary We want to help you better understand your skin. Explore our useful glossary to find definitions to common skin care terms.

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